The Norwood Hospital has Installed this bulk oxygen tank In the yard of the hospital grounds so that oxygen can be piped right Into the hospital. Left to right Inspecting the new system are M. H. Bentley, representative of the Ohio Chemical Company; William P. McAullife, Plant superintendent for the Norwood Hospital, and Karl F. Rice, plant superintendent for the Air Reduction Company. (McLean photo)


With almost dramatic suddenness, oxygen has become treatment for a lengthening list of pulmonary, cardiac, postoperative and other conditions To keep ahead of these demands, Norwood Hospital has installed a new Bulk Oxygen delivery system, which is connected to a new oxygen piping system available in every room in the hospital. Oxygen is instantly ready for routine and emergency use.

The vital therapy oxygen flows In a reassuringly steady supply as long as it is needed. No patient waits for cylinders to be trucked upstairs, nor for emptied cylinders to be replaced This new Bulk oxygen Delivery System assures Norwood Hospital of uninterrupted supplies of oxygen during every contingency.

Proceeds from the Charity Ball, held April 18th, were used to defray cost of installing oxygen outlets in each room Now that a continuous supply of oxygen is available throughout the hospital without the use of the usual tall green cylinder, Administrator Charles A Richardson announced that the cost of oxygen service to patients would be reduced immediately.

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