Walter C. Wallis

When it comes to raising Guinea beans, Walter C. Wallis of 49 Railroad avenue takes his hat off to none of the local Victory gardeners. In the garden in the rear of his home, Wallis has raised from six seeds some of the largest Guinea beans ever seen in this locality and many of his neighbors have visited his garden to admire his horticultural endeavor. One of the largest beans measured 53 inches long and there are dozens of smaller beans on the six plants that grew like wildfire from the six tiny seeds he planted last Spring.

The largest bean on the vine is to be cut down this week and placed on exhibition in Sam’s window in the center of the business district so that all can see the giant that grew from a seed in Norwood soil. The beans are sometimes known as Australian beans and as tasty as summer squash, which they resemble as they grow on the vines. The bean is 53 inches long and weighs about 12 pounds.

October 4, 1945- The Norwood Messenger