Norwood Historical Society has been approved for a Capital Grant

During our annual meeting in October we told members about our work with KMA Architects to design a more accessible Day House. The Society’s goal is to increase its presence within the community and be more welcoming to all as work to capture the history of all of Norwood’s diverse population. We are updating the Day House to meet this goal, preserving the historic fabric of the building while enabling everyone in the community to join us for events.

Thanks to a grant from the Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation, we drew up plans to do that.

We are pleased to announce that the Mass Cultural Council and MassDevelopment have selected the Norwood Historical Society for a 2020 Cultural Facilities Fund matching award! This is a matching grant and will pay for half of the work necessary to make the Day House more accessible.

This is a view of the Day House on the Bullard Street side as you can see it today.
This is a closeup of the side porch on the Bullard Street side of the house.
Here is a view of the proposed ramp from the Bullard Street side of the house.
We are pleased to say that the proposed entrance ramp does not change the footprint of the historic Day House. 
The street view will be the same and it makes use of this under-utilized space.

In addition to the entrance ramp, we will be converting the current Society office into public bathrooms! The only changes would be inside this room in the house, as you see on this blueprint drawing.

Like what you see? Here’s how you can help!

Funding of all grants awarded from the Cultural Facilities Fund is contingent upon the Commonwealth making the required capital funds available to MassDevelopment. Help Mass Cultural Council and MassDevelopment advocate for continued funding by demonstrating to the Governor the importance of capital investments to our state’s creative economy. Here are sample social media messages you can copy and send.

Or follow the Norwood Historical Society, and copy and share our social media posts.

Thanks @MassGovernor for supporting @masscultural #CulturalFacilities Fund to strengthen MA & make @norwoodhistorical more accessible!

Thanks so much Governor @CharlieBaker for supporting the #CulturalFacilities Fund! Your ongoing capital investment makes our state stronger. Looking forward to a more accessible @NorwoodHistoricalSociety Day House! #PowerofCulture
(To tag the Governor, type “@” and then “Charlie Baker.” Select his name from the list that appears making sure that’s his “Public Figure” account.)

Instagram (post and story):
Caption: Thanks @MassGovernor for supporting the #CulturalFacilities Fund and the @masscultural Council! Your capital investment makes our state stronger. Looking forward to a more accessible @NorwoodHistorical F. Holland Day House! #PowerofCulture

Feel free to use images from this message or copy our posts!

Want to see the full list of 2020 Cultural Facilities grantees? Visit this page on the Mass Cultural Council website.

You’ll be hearing more from us as we move forward with fundraising for the rest of the cost of this project and to receive this matching grant.

We are planning for construction to take place during the summer of 2021. By the time of Norwood’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2022, we’ll be ready to welcome all of the community into the Day House!

Thank you to everyone who helped us get here!

The F. Holland Day House, headquarters of the Norwood Historical Society since 1935 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.
Preserving our history for the future.

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