New Entertainment Center Is Latest Thing In The Way of Theatre

A corner of the spacious foyer of the new Guild Theatre which opened on Sunday night with a preview opening, and with a formal opening on Monday night.

On Sunday afternoon, an event of entertainment importance will occur in Norwood with the opening of the new Guild Theatre scheduled for 4:45 p. in. With this preview opening, the public will have an opportunity for the first time to see the renovated theatre which those connected, with the theatre business have, already rated as the best for its size in the metropolitan district. No less an I event than the new theatre itself is the fact that “Alexander’s Ragtime Hand” starring Tyrone Power, Alice Faye and Don, Ameche will be the opening feature at the new theatre. This musically sensational Berlin piece is entertainment tops and on the bill with it will be “Speed to Burn,” with Michael Whalen, Lynn Bari and Henry Armetta.

On Monday the formal opening of the theatre is scheduled with the first show starting at 6:30.and the second at 8.00. This continuous showing from 6:30 to 10:45 p.m. will be the regular run at the theatre. Following the first week the price at the new entertainment center will drop to 25c.

The new Guild is in every respect an event for Norwood and surrounding towns. It boasts the latest and best in theatre design and equipment. The colorful decorating scheme gives it a rare distinction. The color scheme while executed in soft pastels is accented by touches of a subtle shade of green, black, silver, and gold. Decorative designs relieve the monotony of the neutral-colored walls. Velvet drapes and thick carpets give an air of luxury. The foyer, elegantly decorated, ‘and luxuriously furnished leaves nothing to be desired in the way of chic and beauty. And the lounge rates superlatives with its unique decoration and splendid equipment.

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Not as prominent to the moviegoer, but of the greatest importance to his comfort, arc the unseen provisions for ventilating, indirect lighting, an acoustically treated back wall, and comfortable seats. The sound and projection equipment are the tops in movie equipment. In fact, the new Guild Theatre in point of view of equipment and beauty ranks as one of the best of its size, and as a real addition to Norwood’s entertainment score.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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