Trustees Vote To Use Third Floor of Addition

Voting to make a 23-bed emergency ward of the third floor of the new Norwood Hospital wing, the trustees at the last meeting looked the war and potential local effects of the. war squarely in the face.

So Manager Robert Brown told the Community Chest reporter during a quick inspection of the addition, rapidly approaching its formal opening about November 1st, if all goes well. Thus another solid reason is added to the many reasons why Norwood backs up the Community Chest and all it means.
Today the third floor is a great, sunny, empty attic, untidy with the rubble and dust of departing builders. Up to quite recently, the trustees had intended to leave it unfinished until it could be added, at considerable expense, to the operating department on the same level in the main hospital.

But “Emergency” is in the air —emergency of raid, epidemic, hurricane, or any other catastrophe. The hospital trustees sensed it and determined that Norwood and the towns supporting the hospital should have one sure sanctuary for sick and wounded.

So, for a comparatively small amount of money, they plan to floor the third floor of the wing with wood and partition it into wards with the same ma Uriah A wide hallway will divided the wards, and all necessary hospital adjuncts and rooms will be included to service 23 extra beds.

Seven of these will be furnished by Canton, 9 by Walpole, and 11 by Norwood. It will be as pleasant and well-equipped a department as any in the hospital, says Mr. Brown.

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Thus, added to the 24 private rooms in the first and second floors of the wing:, the latter will contain 47 new adult beds. And these, added to the 86 beds in the main building gives the Norwood Hospital 132 adult beds.

Until the emergency arrives, (which the trustees hope will be never) they intend to turn the third-floor wing over to the convalescents of the other wards. This will make it easier for both the seriously ill in the wards and the convalescents who now have to remain with them.

If there is an emergency, the convalescents can be quickly moved back to the other wards.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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