are these Birdies who represented Norwood in Metropolitan League Class A playoffs Metropolitan League officials were on hand at the Norwood Softball League banquet last Saturday night to present the Birdies with the coveted trophy.

Team members were awarded tie clasps with “Metropolitan Boston Champions, 1941“ engraved on the back.

Last year the Birdies won the qualifying round of the same tournament.

Above, front row left to right F. Malacinski, F. Shimsky. M. Bader, W. Beawmont. S. Salisbury, and S. Pirsino, manager.

Back row left to right: J. Eppich, G. Foster, J. Cooke, R. Walton, A. Walker. L. Tarbell, B. Coyne, and A. Stanovich.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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