With over double its former sales space and with the addition of hundreds of new items of merchandise, Sam’s Auto Supply Company formally opens its new store today at 643-645 Washington Street in the location formerly occupied by the Stop and Shop Market. The new Sam’s has been carefully planned to meet the demands of a growing business that has necessitated expansion.

Sam’s now claims the most complete store of its kind outside Greater Boston. Besides its well-known auto supply line, the store has a large appliance line covering famous names in the field. To this home appliance department has been added the best of the newest nationally known appliances. For washing machines, Sam’s offers the famous Thor washer with electro rinse; the Bendix, which washes, rinses and damp-dries automatically; and the A. B C. washer, bearing the crown of approval of the English monarchy. Enthusiastically Sam’s announces a complete line of R. C. A. radios plus the Zenith, Crossley, Emerson and Philco. As usual the store features the Crossley Shelvadore Refrigerator and is named as the leader in sales of Crossley’s among all dealers in Norfolk County.

Small Appliances

Beside this complete line in major appliances, Sam’s department of small appliances features such names as Toastmaster, Pop Up Toaster, the Silex Coffeemaker, and Sunbeam’s Mixers, plus hundreds of grills, bread toasters and sandwich toasters. To its list of prominent auto supplies has been added newer and complete lines to afford the shopper quality and variety.

Operated by Samuel A. Hurwitz, long prominent in Norwood business circles, Sam’s Auto Supply is ready to welcome its patrons of seven years’ standing, as well as new friends, to the large and attractive new store with plenty of display room and an endless variety of supplies and appliances from which the purchaser may choose.

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(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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