The Morse Street Bridge, 2018

The Low Morse Street bridge was the scene of another accident last Friday afternoon when a truck, operated by Edward J. Feeney, 32, of 60 Burt Street, Dorchester, struck the bridge shortly before 4:30 p.m.

Keeney and a passenger on the truck, Ronald Randolph, 24, of 288 Bolton Street, South Boston, both suffered severe head and face injuries and were taken to the Norwood Hospital for treatment.

The entire roof of the truck was sheared off and the windshield shattered by the impact.

Two wreckers, one with acetylene torches, were used to clear up the wreckage and tow the truck from the scene. The bridge is posted with a sign warning drivers that a clearance of 9 feet 10 inches is the limited height for any vehicles passing under the bridge.

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