Last June, fifteen Junior High School girls completed a course in Baby Silteing and received their certificates in a program sponsored by the Women’s Community Committee.

The list of girls who completed the course is reprinted herewith for the information of those who may wish to make use of their services.

Nancy Bannon, 142 Nichols Street, No. 7-3047.
Diane Cronin, 54 Gay Street, No. 7-4174.
Skirmante Makaltis, 331 Sumner Street, No. 7-2449-J.
Renata Simenas, 29 Chapel Street. No. 7-3343-W.
Carol Hertle, 37 Wheelock Avenue, No. 7-4035-M.
Irene Taylor, 1 Linden Street, No. 7-1024.
Martha Badger, 40 Clapboard-free Street, No. 7-2949-R.
Mary Roderick, 45 Oxford Road. No. 7-4172-W.
Louise Becker, 120 Wilson Street, No. 7-0504-R.
Sylvia Radel, 11 Heaton Avenue, No. 7-4374.
Louise Goepner, 104 Vernon Street. No. 7-3444.
Susan Smith, 205 Walpole Street, No. 7-0014.
Peggy Carroll, 42 Azalea Drive, No. 7-3910-M.
Denise Daley, 14 Oxford Road, No. 7-4420-J.
Caroline Croft, 95 Pleasant Street, No. 7-4572-M.

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