An entertainment for members of the Johnny Apple-seed Summer Reading Club was held last Thursday evening in the Children’s Room of the Morrill Memorial Library.

Miss Edna Phillips, librarian, welcomed the children and told them her thoughts had often been with them during her recent trip to Mexico where library sendee is not available to as many children as in this country. She spoke briefly about visiting the Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin in Mexico City which was established by the United States. This “international” library serves as a two-way culture center for the United States and Mexico, and offers fine library service to children.

Ted Moynahan, of Cambridge, entertained the 91 boys and girls who were present with Navaho Indian stories from “Coyote Tales” by Frank Dobie, and an Indian legend called “The Two-Faces.” Both Mr. Moynahan and his wife formerly were teachers in a Navaho school; thus he was able to bring to his storytelling a real feeling for these folktales and to instill in his audience an appreciation for them.

A highlight of the evening for many of the club members was the awarding of 74 reading certificates to those who had read twelve or more books during the summer months.

The Johnny Appleseed Reading Club was planned by Miss N. Dorothy Shumaker, Junior Department Librarian, Mrs. Stewart B. Allen, Branch Librarian, South Norwood Branch, Morrill Memorial Library and Mrs. Ragnar Ross, Junior Assistant.

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