Now in Africa

Pfc. Eugene McLean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. McLean of Roosevelt Avenue, is writing home now from a North-African address. Before going overseas, he was at Rome Air Depot, Rome, New York.

Met Man From Home

After not running into anyone, from Norwood in his overseas-service, former Selectman Charles L. Donahue writes that a couple of weeks ago he met three boys all in the-space of three days. They were Leo Leonard, Leon Gallagher and Miah Keefe, “all looking well and feeing fine.” Lt. (j.g.) Donahue was expected home this Tuesday for a week’s stay. He wears three stars denoting participation in three major naval engagements in the Pacific.

Urquhart Promoted

Robert Urquhart, son of Mr. and Mrs., G. Urquhart of 81 Nichols Street has been promoted to Technical Sergeant at Newport News, Virginia. Sgt, Urquhart’s previous rating was Corporal.

He entered the Army the first of this year and received his basic training at Fort McLellan, Alabama. He is In aiti-aircraft är-tillery< Recently, he spent a furlough with his wife in Boston.

HR Enlist In Navy

Robert J. O’Neil, 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’Neil of 102 Broadway, Norwood, was sworn into the Navy today at the Boston Navy Recruiting Station by Lieut Jacob M. Gibson, officer in charge of Navy Recruiting and Induction of the Greater Boston Area.

Following his indoctrination period, O’Neil will have the opportunity of attending one of the more than 50 Navy Trade Schools. The trade he learns will guarantee him a good paying job, when he -returns to civilian life.

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At Chicago Field

A/C Robert E. Stewart. U.S.N.R. of 269 Railroad Avenue, has recently been assigned to U. S. Naval Aviation Field at Glenview, Chicago, Illinois.
Cadet Stewart enlisted in the United States Naval Air Corps on December 10, 1942 and was called to service on March 10 1943 at Keene Teachers College. Keene, N H After three months of flying he was moved to the Navy Pre-Flight School at Chapel Hill North Carolina, where he has been undergoing the rigid training devoted to physical education together with courses in celestial, navigation, theory of flight, airplane identification, flight physics, aerology, marksmanship, military, drill signalling, and competitive ¡sports, consisting of boxing, wrestling, hand-to-hand, football, swimming and soccer.

Having passed through Chapel Hill successfully, he is now looking forward to his new base at Glenview, Chicago, Illinois, where he will continue with flying activity

Cadet Stewart is a graduate of Norwood High School, Class of ’41 and at the time of his enlistment was n Freshman at Boston College. He is also a member of the famous Commander Shea Squadron.

TYNDALL FIELD. FLORIDA, September 18, 1943—Lieut Nicholas J Khoury was one of the most surprised and puzzled officers at Tyndall held last Thursday

Lieut. Khoury, who recently reported to the Army Air Forces Gunnery School here, was surprised and happy that someone remembered his birthday He was worried about what to do with a huge birthday cake sent him from his sister, Thelma Fulton of Dean Street, Norwood. The presentation of the cake was arranged by the Panama City’ Chamber of Commerce and the Public Relations Office at Tyndall Field. It happened like this.

Mrs. Esther Deeb, secretary of St. George’s church in Norwood, sent to the Chamber of Commerce and asked that a cake be purchased and presented to Lieut. Khoury. John Rainey, secretary of the chamber, shown above, obtained the cake and took it to the office of Captain John A. Burkhart, personnel officer at Tyndall Field Captain Burkhardt located Lieut. Khoury and the cake presentation was arranged in the Public Relations Office. When he saw the cake Lieut. Khoury remembered his birthday and was happy that someone else had But then he began worrying about what one man could do with such a big cake. Someone suggested that he take it to his Bachelor Officer Quarters. He did and his worries were short lived,

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All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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