Combat Infantryman Badge to Sgt. Plosinski

WITH THE AM ERIC AL INFANTRY DIVISION SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA—Staff Sergeant Victor G. Plosinski, 998 Washington Street, Norwood, has been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for exemplary conduct in action against the Japanese.

Worn above the left breast pocket, this badge is a silver rifle within a silver border with an elliptical wreath in the background.

A member of a veteran infantry regiment, Sergeant Plosinski has been overseas for 31 months and has seen service in Australia, New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, the Fiji Islands, and Bougainville.

This soldier is the brother’ of Mrs. Emilia Hackenson, 998 Washington Street, Norwood.

Infantryman Badge To Corporal Hearn

Word has been received here that the Combat Infantryman Badge has been awarded to Cpl Carleton Hearn of 331 Washington Street, Norwood, who has been in France since the middle of June. Cpl. Hearn went to England last February.

The Combat Infantryman Badge

Lt. Charles Oleary Awarded DFC At English Base

Is Bombadier On Little Gramper, Jr. On Thirty Missions

AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE LIBERATOR STATION, ENGLAND: Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross for ‘‘extraordinary achievement While on many bombardment missions over enemy territory” has been made to 1st Lt. Charles R. O’Leary, 26, bombardier on the Liberator “Little Gramper Jr.”

O’Leary is the son of Mrs. Alice M. O’Leary of Norwood, and is a graduate of the Norwood High School. Prior to his enlistment on April 9, 1942 at Boston, he was employed by the L. F. Fales Machine Shop in Walpole.

After attending school at Ellington Field and Midland, Texas, he received his commission at the latter place on Aug. 5, 1943. He then went into intensive training for overseas combat.

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Since coming overseas, he has participated in thirty missions over targets in Germany and enemy-occupied Europe, including one attack on D-Day when the Libs were out in force in support of the ground troops landing on the Normandy beaches. His crew is quite proud of the fact, they have never had to turn back for any reason from any mission once they took off.

His most thrilling experience came on a recent mission to Halle, Germany. That day the Luftwaffe made one of its rare appearances and struck in force. The fighters made a pass at their element of three ships and hit “Little Gramper Jr.” hard. Number one, or outboard engine, was knocked out of commission, the left tire was torn to shreds, a large caliber shell pierced the left wing leaving an immense hole, and the left rudder and the controls on the left side of the ship were completely wiped out. When the attack ended, the wounded Liberator was the only

S-Sgt. Pyne Given The Soldiers Medal;
Prison Camp Hero Among Group Released From Roumanian Camp

AT AN EMBARKATION DEPOT IN ITALY-At one ot the last get-togethers overseas for the more than 1000 American Air Force crewmen recently flown out of Rumanian internment, following the capitulation of that co’.Dry. IS of the enlisted men were awarded the highly regarded Soldier’s Medal, for their part in rebelling fellow prisoner during a continuous 48-hour German retaliation air raid on their Bucharest prison camp. Among men honored was Staff Sergeant Arthur R Pyne of Norwood

The citation which accompanied each medal read as follows’ “For heroism at great risk of life during the period from 24 August to 26 August 1944. Volunteering to evacuate wounded American flyers who had been interned in an enemy prison hospital in Rumania, these gallant men, during an intense and heavy bombardment and strafing attack lasting continuously for over forty-eight hours, carried wounded personnel to air-raid shelters and also carried medical supplies, bedding, food, and clothing from blasted and burning buildings in order to ensure the comfort and safety of the patients.

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Regardless of incessant sniping, strafing, and bombing, these men with complete disregard for their own safety, were instrumental in saving the lives of countless American and Allied wounded personnel By their superb courage, valor, and devotion to duty, these men have upheld the highest traditions of the Mil- itary Service, thereby reflecting great credit upon themselves and the Armed Forces of the United States of America “

Those awarded the medal were Technical Sergeant Joseph H. Allen, Maryland, Texas; Technical Sergeant Harvey (NMD, Bart-foid, Brooklyn, N, Y; Technical Sergeant Kenneth R. Child, Gordon, Nebraska; Stall Sergeant Virgie E Conway, St. Anne, Illinois, Staff Sergeant Harry B Fritz, Pine Grove, Penn , Staff Sergeant Floyd L. Giambalvo, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Staff Sergeant George N. Griffin, Denver, Col , Staff Sergeant Elton J Hill, West Hanover, Mass ; Staff Sergeant William H. Lamphear, Muskegor,

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)


Marine Merit Promotion For C. W. Souther-This Day In Norwood History-December 1, 1965

CHANNING SOUTHER, III Marine Private First Class Channing W. Souther III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Channing W. Souther Jr.…

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