Marsh Promoted To Captain In Pacific

Elmer Marsh

WITH THE FIFTH AIR FORCE IN THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC. Elmer Marsh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marsh of 57 Rock Street, Norwood, was recently promoted to Captain.

A graduate of Boston College, he was employed by the Employers’ Liability Assurance Corp, prior to entering the army in January 1942. He has served 18 months overseas and is now stationed at an advanced base with “The Sun Setters,” one of the outstanding B-25 bomber-strafer units of the Fifth Air Force.

Hines’ Battalion Commended in France

Headquarters, Advance Section Communications Zone France— A commendation from the signal officer of the Advance Section Communication Zone, was a present to a Signal Construction Battalion on its second birthday recently. Pvt. Henry E. Hines Jr., 116 Walnut Avenue, Norwood, is a member of the battalion.

Commendation was given the battalion for its work in laying communication lines and maintaining them in France ever since the invasion began. This has involved stringing hundreds of miles of telephone and cable wires along the winding, brush-lined roads of France. The battalion is now engaged in maintaining these lines and in improving the service to vital headquarters.

The commendation contained in a letter to Lt. Colonel James H. Fulton of Lafayette Avenue, Steubenville, Ohio, commanding officer of the 26th Battalion, reads in part, “Each and every one of you officers and enlisted men may be proud that the contribution you have made towards final victory has been a great one.”

The battalion has distinguished itself on various occasions and has received high praise from officials in areas where they were assigned. Brigadier General C. 0. Thrasher, in England recently praised the men “for their diligence and devotion to duty, and achievement of their mission in a most thorough and expeditious manner.”

Lt. James Hawley Gets Silver Wings

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SAN MARCOS ARMY AIR FIELD, Texas Graduates of the most exciting training course in the Army Air Forces—that of aerial navigation—men from 44 states and Alaska received their silver wings here Monday, Sept. 25, at this Army Air Forces Navigation School, a unit of the AAF Training Command.

The class, 22nd to graduate from the school, received commissions as second lieutenants or appointments as flight officers.

Graduates from Norwood was Second Lt. James Joseph Hawley, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hawley, 35 Cleveland Street.

McKeown Is HomeFrom Tour Of Duty

Navy Search Plaue Squadron VP-72, including Henry McKeown, AMM 2-c, of 122 Fulton Street, Norwood, is back in the United States for rest after eight months duly in the Pacific. Not a single man was lost during the tour of duty.

The squadron was a jack-of-all-trades outfit using Catalinas (PBYs). Rescue, commonly known as “Dumbo,” was its most noteworthy duty The squadron was instrumental in the rescue of 69 downed Navy, Army, and Marine Corps airmen.

Home From Overseas

Among a group of 8th Air Force men who have just returned from the European theatre under a 21-day rotating furlough plan, are Captain Albert S. Blood of South Walpole and S-Sgl. Donald G. Hamlin of 362 Washington Street, Norwood.

O’Brien Is Promoted To Sergeant In Pacific

Raymond F. O’Brien with the Marines in the Pacific has been promoted to Sergeant. He participated in the battles for the Marshalls, Saipan, and Tinian. His weight dropped 23 pounds while in the last engagements and he is now endeavoring to regain it.

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A brother Leo is also a Marine sergeant overseas, in the Pacific for the past IS months. Lawrence O’Brien is in England, and Robert is en route to California for amphibious training after a furlough home.

All four boys are the sons of Mr. and Mrs James I. O’Brien of Dedham and are graduates of the Norwood schools.

King Reported Wounded In France

Pvt. Francis J. King, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter King of 10 Catalpa Road, has been reported by the War Department as wounded in action in France.
Pvt. King was with the Infantry, entering the service in December 1943, and received his training at Camp Wheeler, Ga. He went overseas after the invasion and was stationed in England until he went over to France.

Pvt. King has a brother, Cpl Joseph King, also in the army and stationed with the antiaircraft artillery at Camp Stewart, Ga.

Norwood Men Recently Inducted

A group of Norwood men recently reported for training in the armed forces from the Norwood district.

Norwood men in the group were: Thomas P. Folan, Joseph L. Giampa, Cornelius F. Buckley, Richard W. Groh, John A. Starta, Nicholas Kelley, William S. Cisternelli, Edwin V. Jankowski, and Paul E. Cleary.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)


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