G«ts Promotion

Ruth LeRoy of 43 Marion Avenue, Norwood, Mass., daughter of Mr. and Mra. Nathaniel LeRoy, whose duty at the Army Air Forces Training Command radio school, Sioux Falls, S. D., is Mess Sergeant of the 707th WAC Post Headquarters Co., has been promoted from Tech IV Grade Staff Sergeant upon recommendation of her Commanding Officer.

Ruth has been In the Army for 8 months. In civilian life, she was employed as a Proofreader for Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mass.

At California Camp

Pvt. William E. Berklund, recently spent a seven-day furlough at the home of his parents» Mr. and Mrs. Evar N. Berklund of 18 Linden Street.

Pvt. Berklund enlisted in the United States Army in the Field Artillery Radio School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. On the expiration of his leave, he returned to Camp Ord, California, to take up his new duties there.

Second Lieutenant Leonard W; Quann, 18 Plimpton Avenue, has returned from Guadalcanal for further Army training, after receiving his commission as 2nd Lieutenant In the Coast Artillery Corps upon successfully completing the officers candidate course at the Antiaircraft Artillery School, Camp Davis, N. C., on Sept. 23, 1943.

The newly commissioned local officer will take up his new duties in the Antiaircraft Artillery after a short furlough. The course at the Antiaircraft Artillery School is one of the most difficult of the officer candidate tests in the Army.

Not only do candidates have to meet the high standards of leadership necessary to all officers, but they must be able to master and put into practice the complicated technical art of Antiaircraft Artillery Their studies and practical work involve mainly the means and actions by which swift flying enemy aircraft can be shot down or kept from successfully performing bombing missions.

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In addition, A.A. officers must be able to put their guns to use in other artillery purposes, such as anti-tank.

New Inductees Ir Armed Forces From Norwood

The latest group of Norwood men to be inducted into the armed forces include:

Ernest N Paolucci, Michael T. Georgeu, Joseph A. Catalino, Arthur R. Simoni, Walter W. Dankaewich, Francia J. Duffey, Neil J. Hawley Jr., Henry O. Meyer, John P. Hayes, Patsy Solbo, John P. Malelko, Louis C. Bagley, Thomas.Dicicco, James P. Connolly, Henry C., Bartley F. Curran, Joseph L. Silvestri, Alphonse Babel, Lawrence M. Lindblom, Thomas P. Costello, Charles R. Dwane, Kenneth A. Earle, and Leonard P. Kelter.

Herbert W. Hurst Reported Missing By War Department

Was Armored Gunner On Bomber Crew In Mediterranean Area

Staff Sgt. Herbert W Hurst, son of Mrs. Ada Hurst of 123 Lincoln Street, Norwood, has been officially listed as missing in action in the Mediterranean area by the War Department. His mother received a War Department telegram on September 8.

Sgt Hurst was an armored gunner on a V S. Liberator bomber and was a member of the crew of the “Bad Penny,” which had been decorated recently for completing five successful bomber missions.

He had been overseas since June 15.

Born in Gilbertville, Mass., he attended schools there and following graduation from high school, served in the Navy for four years. Later he worked for Swift Company in Ware and with Pratt and Whitney.

He entered the service in August, 1942, received his basic training at Atlantic City, New Jersey, and graduated last November from gunnery school at Fort Myers, Florida.

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His mother Is living In Norwood with one of his three sisters, Mrs. Herbert Schaier. His other sisters are Mrs. Gordon Bames of Worcester, and Mrs. Leo Satz of Ware.

Completes Training

Vera Ransow, H.A 2/r, daughter of Mrs. Walter Ransow of 47 Mylod Street, Norwood, has recently completed her basic training at the U.S. Naval Training School, Bronx, New York, and has been assigned to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Miss Ransow graduated from Norwood High School, and was employed by Bird and Son prior to her enlistment in the WAVES.

There are two Ransow brothers in service, Pvt. Carl Ransow, who has chosen the Army V-12 class, and Pfc. Frederick Ransow, who is with the Army Air Corps Ground Crew At Indiana Station.

Albert J Mills, S 1/c, A M.M., son of Mr Anthony Mills of 58 St, James Avenue, Norwood, has successfully completed the aviation machinists mate course at Memphis, Tenn., and is now stationed at the Naval Air Station in Peru, Indiana.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)


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