This clipping from the March 3, 1943 edition of the Norwood Messenger shows four Norwood men all serving with the Army Air Force at Pecos Army Air Field, Pecos, Texas.



Pictured above with the BT 1 3A Training ships on the flying line – from left to right: Lt. John G. Rizzo, former manager of Norwood Municipal Air Port: Line Crew Chief Edwin E. Johnson, son of Mr, and Mrs. John T. Johnson, 31 St. Joseph avenue; Line Crew Chief Carl E. Edman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edman, 46 Monroe Street, and Aviation Cadet Edward F. Heyn, son of Mrs. Gertrude Heyn, 163 Central Street. Formerly employed at the same airport, Cadet Heyn and Lt. Rizzo met by chance at the Texas airfield.