(“Gray Room” in 1893 inventory)

  • The separate bedrooms of Mr. and Mrs. Day form a private suite in the house. 
  • The room has been redecorated.  The wallpaper original to the 1890s, a delicate pattern of stylized blue morning glories and soft yellow chrysanthemums on a light moss green ground, can be seen in the closet.
  • The canopy bed with ropes supporting a feather mattress was used by Fred Holland Day in the third floor “Blue Room.” 
  • The mourning picture, painted on silk in memory of South Dedham residents Mrs. Mary Dean who died in 1776, and Mr. John Dean, who died in 1798, was part of Fred Day’s historical collection. After the death of George Washington, these commemorative subjects became extremely popular. Later, sentimental Victorians wove, knotted, and braided the hair of loved ones into mementos such as the framed hair wreath hanging on the wall.
  • The upholstered rocking chair belonged to Tyler Thayer, 19th-century Norwood’s leading building contractor.  
  • The china toilette set on the washstand represents the minimal conveniences available before the advent of indoor plumbing.  Adjoining the room is a lavatory with a sink, an improvement added in the 1890s remodel.  
  • An early 19th-century lady’s secretary desk, needlework samplers, and a sewing and notions cabinet are also on display in this room. Antique quilts and hats are displayed in the standing cabinet.
  • Lewis Day died in 1910. The room may have served as a dressing room or sitting room for Mrs. Day, who survived him by 12 years.

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This was Fred Day’s personal library. It connects by a small set of stairs to his bedroom above, enabling him to use this area of the house as a private space. The room is a unique, multi-level space. The desk…

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