The Norwood Press (image from the collection of LL Kearney)

This exhibit explores the history of Norwood’s printing industry and some of the changes that transpired because of these industries, but it becomes the story of people who made a difference in their community.  The history of each of the companies and their owners is indeed interesting, and one worth studying, but it is in the changes where the story begins to unfold. The exhibit also considers the history of the town, especially some of the factors that led to the two large printing houses coming to Norwood and it examines some of the changes Norwood experienced due to its printing industry.

Because of the printing industries came to Norwood, Norwood was forever changed, culturally, socially, and economically, and it is these changes that have shaped the Norwood of today.

The Plimpton Press (from the collection of LL Kearney)

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Changes in Norwood –>

End of an Era –>

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