Ellis Field, Walpole

Ellis Field is located in East Walpole the crook of the intersection of June and East Streets. Considered a sister park to Bird Park, its creation or plan is not included in the 1919 master plan of Walpole improvements. That is probably because originally these fields were the playing fields for the employees of Bird and Sons’ organized team sports. So popular were team sports among local mills, that there was apparently a time when workers hired by mills because of their athletic ability and not because they were excellent workers.  Originally called the Bird Athletic Field, the name was changed to honor of a beloved coach, the area originally boasted a baseball diamond, a cinder track and grandstands. Originally, the 1927 donation included a large baseball diamond and grand stand seating for 400 spectators.  Today the seven-acre property, is maintained by the Trustees of the Reservation, and contains three soccer fields, a small parking lot and continues to be an area where sports are played.

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