Downtown Norwood In 1875

“One Pedestrian on the sidewalk on the right is the only person to be seen on the main street of in 1875. This was only three years after the Town was incorporated in after being a part of . The first building in the left foreground with the roof was the Town . The next building with the covered porch and three dormer windows is the famous Which served for Town Meetings, elections, graduations, plays, dances and other entertainments. It was later removed to the corner of . and . It is only now in the process of being demolished as unsafe.

Not visible in this picture but located between these two buildings was the Town . Mrs. E. W. Gay was . The third building on the left is the store of L. W. Bigelow who featured “dry and fancy goods.’’ Further down on the left the steeple of the old . This steeple was a of the 1938 . ’s Department Store is now located where the is seen in this picture at the corner of and Vernon sts.” – The

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