Town Likely To Act Soon If It Wants Property

Some immediate action on securing of a new location for a Public Works Yard for the town of Norwood may be in the oiling according to a report made to selectmen on Tuesday night by General Manager Francis W. Smith.

The Manager said:

“We have had in mind for some time, a location for a new Public Works yard and buildings on the southerly side of Nahatan Street just beyond the corner of Lenox Street. This property has been redeemed from tax title and sold and the new owners have asked for an immediate decision as to whether the Town is interested in this property because they have a possible customer for a part of this land which would affect the amount we could obtain.

“I present a plan showing a parcel roughly 200 feet by 260 feet which we could buy. I have had rough plans made which show how a yard with buildings could be laid out within this area. If we can obtain some wasteland bordering this lot, which should not be expensive as the assessed value is low, we could make a very desirable and efficient layout. The assessed value of all the property involved is in the vicinity of $2700. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only location suitable for our purposes remaining in Norwood and I recommend strongly that steps be taken to acquire it.”

Selectmen have plans for the new public works buildings. Estimated cost of the setup is around $76,000 above the land. The Manager told selectmen that the new yard was a necessity since present buildings were falling apart and were most inadequate for efficient service.

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Selectmen instructed the Manager to tell the property owners that they were interested in the property and to discuss the matter of price so that there would be some basis for further discussion.

In connection with the same property, selectmen considered Lex- ox street widening. The Manager reported on this matter as follows:

“The property on the corner of Lenox and Nahatan streets having been sold as stated above, the new owners are desirous of having an immediate decision as to the widening of Lenox street between Nahatan street and Rock street. The Engineering department has not been able yet to estimate the cost of moving Lenox Street the width of the street to the east. It has been suggested that your Board proceed along the line of your previous discussions and make a taking of 15 feet along the easterly side of Lenox Street or whatever width is necessary to have a 60-foot street in its present location.”

Selectmen asked for an estimate of the cost of widening the fifteen feet on the easterly side.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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