Norwood’s Living History-Post War Norwood

Norwood's Living History-Post War Norwood The dream of “home” that sustained so many soldiers during the long war years began to take tangible form when the war was finally over.

Norwood’s Living History-Independence

In this atmosphere, the frictions between Dedham and its South Parish, which had been building since 1734, finally set off the fuse of separation. The crux of the problem was … Continue reading Norwood’s Living History-Independence

Norwood’s Living History-Manufacturing Begins

In 1849, the sound of pick and shovel on the Norfolk County Railroad re-awakened agricultural South Dedham to its industrial possibilities, and the town began to become a manufacturing center. … Continue reading Norwood’s Living History-Manufacturing Begins

Norwood’s Living History-“The Hook” Is Born

ln 1806, when the Norfolk and Bristol turnpike was laid down along present Washington Street, it brought even more business to the tavern. This area around the tavern came to … Continue reading Norwood’s Living History-“The Hook” Is Born

Norwood’s Living History-Colonial War Years

The years between the founding of the South Dedham Parish and the Revolutionary War were busy ones in South Dedham. The first schoolhouse was voted in 1710. War touched the … Continue reading Norwood’s Living History-Colonial War Years

Norwood’s Living History-South Parish

Gradually, more people moved to this settlement but they were still required to attend Sunday sendees and Town Meetings in Dedham Village, which remained the sole religious and political center … Continue reading Norwood’s Living History-South Parish

It was called TIOT, “the place to cross the water.”

By Marguerite Krupp, Originally published in the 1972 Norwood Centennial Magazine The Indians who lived near the Great Blue Hill often came here to hunt in the fields and fish … Continue reading It was called TIOT, “the place to cross the water.”