Andrew and Jane (Hathorn) Bird’s family:

It is not known where in Scotland Andrew Bird came from, who his parents were and when he was born. If he married around 1759, then he most likely was born around 1734. His parents names are unknown, but if he named his children in traditional Scottish (and New England) naming patterns, then his first six children would have been names after his parents and her parents, and Andrew and Jane, after that a couple might name a child after a sibling or a close friend.

When Andrew Bird settled in mid-coast Maine in 1753 it was sparsely populated. Towns were far and few between, stores, churches and schools, which are the main components of a little town were often spread out. It is unknown when Andrew married Jane Hathorn. Jane’s surname is revealed in her grandfather’s will, when “Jane, wife of Andrew Bird, of St. Georges” renounced her executorship of the will in 1764. There are not any baptismal records or town recordings for the birth of Bird children. The 1855 court case, Bird v Bird confirms who their children, as their children and grandchildren sued David Bird, a grandson of Andrew & Jane Bird, for their share in the estate of Andrew and Jane’s son, Andrew, Jr. It is from these legal documents the Andrew and Jane (Hathorn) Bird’s family begins to take shape.

House on the Ocean’s Coast. oil on board. LLKearney private collection

Andrew Bird was born about 1734 in Scotland and died in 1779 in Cushing, Maine. He married about 1759 to Jane Hathorn in Cushing, Maine. She was born about 1738 in Salem, Massachusetts and appears to have died about 1780 in Cushing, ME. She was the daughter of Alexander Hathorn and Mercy Bartlett.

Children of Andrew Bird and Jane Hathorn are:

I. Alexander Bird, born abt. 1761 in Cushing, ME and died bef. 1820 in Warren, ME. He married about 1780 to Mary Annis of Knox County, ME. She was born 11 Oct 1759 in ME and died bef. 1820 in Warren, ME. She was the daughter of John Annis and Mary Maloney. This couple settled in Warren, ME

      Children of Alexander Bird and Mary Annis are:

  1. Nancy Bird, born abt. 1782. Married Zenas Mero in 1806
  2. (Mary?) Bird, born abt. 1784; died bef 1800
  3. Alexander Bird, born abt. 1786; died 1809 at sea.
  4. John Bird, born abt. 1788; died 1811 at sea.
  5. Andrew Bird, born abt. 1790; died 1814 at sea.
  6. Sarah A. Bird, born 1793; died 1877. Married Charles Weatherbee 1858
  7. Lucretia Bird, born 1796; died 1856. Married Charles Weatherbee 1818
  8. James Bird, born 1798; died 1857 Married Mary Jane Chase in 1826

II. Samuel Bird, born abt 1764 in Cushing, ME and died 1819 in Belfast, ME. He married 11 Sept 1790 Sally Elwell in Gloucester, MA. She was born 1770 and died 30 Dec 1851 in Belfast, ME. This couple settled in in Belfast, ME by 1800. Some of their children are known, most are uncertain, but census records help to figure out how many children this couple had and what sexes they were.

      Children of Samuel Bird and Sally Elwell are:

  1. Samuel S Bird, born Jan 1792 in Salem, MA; died 11 Nov 1863. Married (1) Lucy Elwell in 1816 and (2) Susan H. (Libby) Brown in 1831.
  2. William Elwell Bird, born 1794 in Salem, MA; died 26 Feb 1857 Boston, MA. (never married)
  3. Andrew Bird, born abt 1796 Salem, MA; died 1868 Walpole, MA. He married Mary Thompson
  4. dau. Bird, born abt. 1798; died young
  5. dau. Bird, born abt. 1800; (possibly Sally who m Ebenezer Buckmar 1825)
  6. David Bird, born 1802; d 1878 Northport, ME. m Mary Ann Brainard 1827.
  7. son Bird, born abt. 1804; died young
  8. dau Bird, born 1806; (possibly Charlotte who m Samuel Hook 1827; and died 1886 in Searsmont)
  9. dau. Bird, born 1808; died young.
  10. dau. Bird, born 1810 (possibly Joanna who m Joshua Elwell 1834; and died 1881 in Northport, MA)
  11. son Bird, born abt. 1813 (possibly George who d 1898 Belfast, ME. never married)
  12. son Bird, born abt. 1815; died young.
  13. dau Bird, born abt. 1819 (possibly Jane who d 1895 Belfast, ME. never married)

III. Jane Bird, born 1766 in Cushing, ME and died 15 Feb 1855 in Warren, ME. She married around 1790 John Boggs in Warren, ME. He was born 1765 in Warren ME and died 25 Jun 1841 in Warren. He was the son of John Boggs and Mary Bradbury. This couple settled in Warren, ME

      Children of John Boggs and Jane Bird are:

  1. Elizabeth Boggs, born 1793
  2. James Boggs, born 1795
  3. John Emery Boggs, born 1797; died 1876. Married Nancy Kallock.
  4. George Boggs, born 1800
  5. Nancy Boggs, born 1803
  6. Andrew Boggs, born 1807
  7. Ebenezer Boggs, born abt 1809

IV.  James Bird, born abt 1768 in Cushing, ME and died 1798 in Wiscasset, ME. He was a mariner, and most likely died at sea. His brother, Alexander administered his estate, which was valued a little over $350. (Does not appear to have married or left issue.)

V.  George Bird, born 25 Aug 1770 Cushing, ME and died 20 Aug 1853 Walpole, MA. Married 1798 Martha Newell in Needham, MA. She was born 22 Jan 1772 in Dover, MA and died 24 Sept 1852 in Walpole, MA. She was the daughter of Josiah Newell and Hannah Whiting.

      Children of George Bird and Martha Newell are:

  1. George Bird, born 6 Jun 1799 in Needham; died in Zanesville, OH (m Eliza Newell Ellis 1823)
  2. Hannah Whiting Bird, born 1801 and died 18 Nov 1827 South Dedham (m Jabez Morse 1825)
  3. Josiah Newell Bird, born 26 June 1803 in Dorchester and died 24 Mar 1866 in Somerville (m. Martha Dean)
  4. Samuel James Bird, born 29 Mar 1805 Dorchester, and died 14 May 1867 Boston. (m Julia Lord 6 May 1830)
  5. Martha Bird, born 17 May 1808 in Dedham and died 1872 (M. Isaac Perkins)
  6. Francis William Bird, born 22 Oct 1810 in Dedham and died 23 May 1894 (m Abby Newell)
  7. Julia Bird, born 21 Jun 1812 in Dedham and died 1835 (m Harrison Park)
  8. Elizabeth Bird, born 4 Sept 1814 in Dedham and died 1882 (m Harrison Park)

VI.  Agnes/Nancy Bird, born Oct 1772 Cushing, ME and died 21 Dec 1856 in Union, ME. Married 1 Dec 1796 John Lermond in Warren, ME. He was born 1 Oct 1772 in Warren, ME and died 4 Jun 1840 in Union, ME. He was the son of John Lermond and Elizabeth Lamb. When John Lermond, the name of his wife to be is recorded as “Agnes,” However, in other documents and on her tombstone, she is recorded as “Nancy.” This couple lived in Union, ME

      Children of John Learman and Nancy Bird are:

  1. George Lermond, born 2 Sept 1797
  2. Betsey Lermond, born 8 Jan 1799; died 11 Jul 1860. Married Abijah Miller.
  3. Sarah “Sally” Lermond, born 3 Mar 1801; died 4 Jun 1875. Married Rev. Theodore Scott.
  4. Elsy Lermond, born 31 Oct 1803; died 19 Jul 1834. Married Marcus Gillmor.
  5. Nancy Lermond, born 2 Jul 1805; died 1Sept 1844. Married Wiliam Hilt.
  6. Lucinda Lermond, born 27 Apr 1808; died 15 Mar 1844. Married Jones Taylor.
  7. John Lermond, born 1810; died 1869
  8. Elbridge Lermond, born 24 Aug 1812; died 18 Feb 1861. Married Huldah Bowley        

VII.  Andrew Bird, born abt. 1775 Cushing, ME and died 1804 Belfast, ME (Lost at sea). Brother Samuel administered his estate. He does not appear to have married or had children.



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