This Day in Norwood History-October 30


Norwood Poles Attacked by Armed Countrymen

Mrs Lewis and Her Husband Rescue Zagorsky-Four Arrested

Mon, Oct 30, 1916 – 1 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·

NORWOOD, Oct 29-Escorting two Lowell girls in an electric car on Dean st at 5 this afternoon, Julius Zagorsky and Joseph Supernock, two Poles, were attacked by four countrymen armed with knives. Zagorsky, seriously wounded on the left thigh and arm, was taken to the new Norwood Hospital.

The action runs like a movie of jealousy, and in the big “fight scene“ there is a real rescue, smacking, none the less, of comedy.

Last night the girls tn the case came from Lowell to attend a dance of the St Peter’s Polish Society. They spent the night at the house of a friend whose address the police did not get.

This morning four young men called who wished to take the two young women to church. Refused admittance by the owner of the house, they departed in anger.

That they did not wander far away is evidenced by the facts in the case. For when later in the day two favored suitors walked down Dean st with the girls, they were followed by the four
angry ones.

As the girls waited for the car Zagorwky and Supernock were attacked. The fight was a whirling mass of arms, legs and knives when John Lewis, a prominent contractor of 1000 Washington st, came along accompanied by Mrs Lewis. All four of the attackers were on top of Zagorsky, when Mrs Lewis pitched in to help, calling on her husband for assistance. She pushed off Zagorsky’s assailants while Mr Lewis pulled Zagorsky out from beneath by the leg. Supernock escaped unhurt.

Then the police arrived and arrested James Zavesky, Adolph Katock, Felix Urgal and Zigmond Amelion on a charge of assault and battery. Zagorsky was treated by Dr H. M. Field.

At the police station Mr. Lewis turned benefactor and bailed out one of the prisoners in $200, while the others were released on bail furnished by friends.

Later Mr. Lewis was totting of his wife’s nerve. She is a Little woman, about 40 years old.

“I didn t want to get in the scrap” he said, “but my wife made me. She said she wouldn’t stand by and see so many men all on one.”

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