917 Little Leaguers Enrolled in Norwood


NORWOOD—A real Little League ball town, with 917 boys playing ball, divided among major leagues, 10, minor leagues 28 and Pewee circuits, eight… and every boy must play two innings. This is Norwood under the direction of two-year president Charley Saraca.

Joe Coleman and the Globe’s Little League clinic visited Norwood’s Pleasant-st Field with Frank Wall, bachelor-coach and friend of the town’s youngsters, aiding in the infield-outfield and batting drill.

Norwood also gives its minor leagues considerable attention, according to Pres. Saraca. “These are the boys who will keep our major leagues going and this year we’re going to have a playoff between winners of the American and National Leagues and in addition an All-Star game between two minor leagues” Saraca said.

Boys who showed well in the two groups for infield and outfield drill under Coleman included: Bob Lindfors, Ed Letts, Pete Tamulous, Bill Moan, Al Campbell, Steve Fisher, Bill Travers, Jerry McDermott, Tony Siderwezch, Wayne Obuchon, Stan Bonham, Jay Gibbons, George Assat, Barry Dyke, Bob Thornton, Tony Cegnitfe and Jimmy Rowe.

Coleman pitched to hitters, with each boy being allowed three swings as Joe corrected imperfections in their styles, as well as halting play to offer correct advice on fielding fundamentals to infielders and outfielders.

Aiding President Saraca in the league, which helped develop Skippy Lockwood, now signed by Kansas City are Vice Pres. Bob Bonham and Joe Donlan, Treasurer Mrs. Catherine O’Hearn, Secretary Shirley Oberacker and umpire-in-chief “Sails” Wall and Tom Maguire.

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George Obuchon heads the minor league group, aided by Bob Ivatts, equipment manager and player-agents Woody Mclntee and Ed Lynch.

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