This Day In Norwood History-April 7

Gun Crew ‘Defends’ Norwood Airport

Norwood Airport Is Scene of Mock Battle as Guns Rout Planes


Special Dispatch to the Globe

08 Apr 1940, Mon The Boston Globe

NORWOOD. April 7 — Norwood Airport was the military objective of a flight of “enemy” planes this afternoon at a demonstration of anti-aircraft equipment at which the crew of Battery D 211th Coast Artillery (anti-aircraft), better known as the First Corps Cadets, repulsed the “invaders.”

Police estimated a crowd of 10,000 spectators at the airport.

As wave after wave of planes approached the field, two guns, under the direction of Lieut. Forrest L. Martz, executive officer: Lieut. Arthur B Powers, range officer, and First Sergt. Theodore C. Barron in synchronized firing, demonstrated defensive measures under simulated wartime conditions.

After the main battery and rangefinding equipment had been erected, posts were established on the outskirts of the airport to communicate the approach of “aggressor” planes. For two hours the gun crews were kept busy firing numerous rounds of dummy ammunition.

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