NORWOOD, April 13 A collision between a livestock van and an automobile resulted in a full-seal Wild West “roundup” on the Boston-Providence turnpike late this afternoon as hard-working police ran down a bull, 10 cows and 25 calves which spilled from the overturned truck.

Police and fire officials from both Norwood and Westwood joined in a two-hour chase up and down heavily traveled Route 1 and through neighboring hill and dale until all the bawling animals, none of which was seriously injured, were corralled and driven onto other trucks. Traffic was detoured during the roundup.

According to Norwood police, George A. Jones, 42, of 1450 Beacon st., Brookline, the operator of the automobile, moved from a roadside stand near Neponset st. into the path of the truck. The trailer section of the huge vehicle jackknifed, crushed the car and overturned. The animals promptly stampeded.

Police, Firemen Respond

Lt Patrick J. Coyne, first to arrive, summoned aid. Eight other Norwood police arrived, and Westwood officers detoured oncoming cars. A passer-by summoned fire apparatus and the rodeo was on.

Some of the animals chose to show their speed on the concrete. Others scattered through nearby fields. A few stood still, reluctant to be “bulldozed” into livestock trucks which were hailed at the depot.

Police said it was fortunate the accident occurred in a sparsely settled area, otherwise the stampede might have caused serious injury.

In traditional western style, not until sundown were all the ‘‘dogies” accounted for and led down the trail to the shelter of nearby Neponset Valley Farm—there to await further transportation.

Jones was taken to the. Norwood hospital with a fractured shoulder, possible fractured ribs and lacerations. His condition was reported by doctors as fair.

Michael Cinquergrano of 14 Messenger st., Providence, operator of the truck, and his brother, Joseph, of 470 Hartford st.. Johnston. R. I. owner and passenger, were uninjured.