Parade and List of Sports Were a Grand Success.

Norwood, Sept 4, 1893 —Today, for the first time in the 21 years of this town’s history, its citizens attempted a public parade and celebration.

The day was perfect and everything conspired to a grand and gratifying success.

There was a bicycle race at 6.30 o’clock in the morning, beginning with an 8 1/4 mile safety, the winner being William Nelson, time 27 m 40s; John Foster was second, time 27m 45s; Fred Foster third, time 27m 60s.

The second race was ordinary. 2 3/4 miles, and was won by Freeman Evans in 10m 3/4s.

The third was a safety, 2 3/4 miles. Fred Foster winning in 9m 57 1/4s; William Nelson second, 9m 57 1/2s; John Foster third, 10m 15s.

At 9 o’clock sharp a procession started, composed of the police department, workingmen and various societies, fire department, school children, clergy and leading citizens in carriages.

The procession was reviewed by Chief Marshal George E. Stewart and the selectmen.

The morning closed with a contest between the several fire organizations of the town, hose company No. 2 winning by 17 1/2 seconds.

A large number of citizens adjourned after dinner to the baseball field, where a program of games began promptly at 1.30.

The first was a potato race, in which the winners of the first and second prizes were Morris Tobin and Jere Coughlin.

The hurdle race was won by Cornelius Callahan, with Fred Boyden a close second.

In the three standing jumps Thomas Kennedy covered 33 ft 6 in and John Welsh 33 ft 5 in.

Ih the three-legged race Coughlin brothers came in first. followed closely by the Callahan brothers.

The running high jump was won by James Harrington, who went over the rod at a height of 5 ft 2 in. The second prize was awarded to Henry Katzmyer. whose record was 4 ft 2 in.

In the standing jump John Welsh made a record of 10 1/2 ft, while Thomas Kennedy covered 91/2 ft.

The running hop, skip and jump was won by James Harrington, whose distance was 39 ft 8 in: Pat Collins was second, covering 35 ft 6 in.

The 100-yard race was won by Dan Callahan, with his brother Cornelius second.

Following these games there was a game between the Norwood baseball club and the Attelboros, which resulted in a victory for the Norwoods by a score of 14 to 2.

In the evening several of the residences of the leading citizens were illuminated, while the streets were crowded with listeners to the band concert.