This Day in Norwood History- September 3


Fire at Norwood.

Wed, Sep 3, 1879 – 1 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

Further details of the loss by fire at the printers’ Ink manufactory of George H- Morrill at Norwood shows the fire could be much more severe than was telegraphed to yesterday’s Globe. The building consumed was built of brick, with iron roof, and formed an L of the main building used for making inks.

A watchman discovered the fire at 5.10 a. m. yesterday, and sounded the alarm, which was promptly responded to by the two local engine companies. The chief engineer saw that the building could not be saved and directed all efforts to prevent the spread of the fire, which proved successful, although there was at one time but little hope as the oil and other materials used in the mixing department were ignited and floated around upon the streams of water poured in from the hose.

Efforts to stop the fire in the mixing rooms were suspended, and at 11 o’clock it was still burning. A large amount of materials in the manufacture of printers’ ink. together with kettles and other stock were burned.

The buildings are insured in twenty companies and the adjusters were upon the ground yesterday. The factory has been destroyed several times before. Mr. Howard of Norwood has received orders to rebuild at once.

The entire property is insured in the following-named companies at the stated risks, but the building in which the fire occurred is, with contents, insured for $86,300. Some of the kettles destroyed were worth $2000, so that the entire loss will be about 9,500, $1000 in each of the Alliance, Franklin, Fanueil Hall and Neptune companies of Boston; also $1000 in each of the Fireman’s of Baltimore, First National of Worcester, Rochester German, Northern. -Etna and Trade, all of New York; $2000 in each of the Newark, Citizens of St. Paul and Citizens of Missouri; Western, $3000; People’s, $1500; Liverpool, London and Globe ofiices, $1500 aggregate.

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