Names of Lithuanians Are Signed to Papers.

NORWOOD, Sept 21 — At a late hour Saturday night Chairman James A. Hartshorn of the local Board of Selectmen was accosted by a man unknown to him, and who did not state his name, but whom Chairman Hartshorn believes is not a resident of Norwood, who placed in Mr. Hartshorn’s hands five affidavits.

These are signed with the names of Norwood residents, charging James W. Lavers, chief of police of the town, with accepting money in sums ranging from $5 to $25.

The affidavits are signed by John -Szesztavickas of 12 Austin st, Alexander Antonavitz of 94 Concord av, Clem Antonavitz of 99 Concord av. Antonie Pestino of 7 Sturtevant av, and John Zliebanckas of 7 Sturtevant av.

Most of the affidavits relate to sums claimed to have been paid the chief for permission to hold celebrations at weddings and police protection there. Those signing the affidavits are all Lithuanians.

Chairman Hartshorn states that the affidavits will be considered at the regular meeting of the board.

Chief Lavers is on his annual vacation. Before he left he stated to a friend in regard to rumors of graft in the Police Department that he was not afraid of charges and that they “had nothing on him.”