Town Manager William C. Kendrick

NORWOOD, Sept. 2—A recall petition filed this morning with Town Clerk James E. Pendergast seeks to have a special town election early in October to vote on recall of the three Selectmen who last Tuesday voted to remove Town Manager William C. Kendrick.

The petition was filed by Clement Riley, former member of the town Board of Health and now candidate for the Governor’s Council; Robert Riemer, Winter st., and John F. Foley, Myrtle st. It is said that thousands of signatures had been volunteered by citizens but the law requires only 236 names on a recall petition.

Town Clerk Pendergast will now be required to certify the 236 signatures within five days and then will notify the Board of Selectmen of the necessity of calling a town election within 35 days.

Ouster Effective Sept. 13

Kendrick’s removal as town manager is effective Sept. 13, and the Selectmen now attacked by the citizens’ action will be “in the sad die” for several weeks if charges town affairs after the town manager is ousted.

The three selectmen against whom the recall petition is directed an John M. Mutch, Herbert Brady and Sture Nelson. About three weeks ago friction developed between Mutch and Kendrick and at that time there was talk of a recall petition against Mutch. When last Tuesday Brady and Nelson voted with Mutch for removal of Kendrick the three became targets for a recall which if effective would change a majority of the town board.

The minority members who void for Kendrick’s retention and are not affected by the recall petition are Harry B. Butters and Charles Holman.

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Prominent Men “Drafted”

At the special town election the ballot, it is understood, will carry names of several prominent citizens of Norwood who are being “drafted” to accept the office. The names of the three target Selectmen will also appear on the ballot unless one or more prefer not to stand for the office against opposition.

To date no charges have been filed against Kendrick and he continue at his desk in discharge of his duties until Sept. 13 when the Selectmen removal order becomes effective. Rumors are rife in town that the other leading town executives slated for removal from their respective departments. Attorney Samuel P. Sears of Brickley, Sears & Cole is understood to be representing the interests of Kendrick in any legal aspects that may arise from the case.



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