This Day in Norwood History- September 15, 1945-No Progress on Nahatan St Extension In Two Years

To Seek Solon’s Aid In Speeding Project; Plans Involved

The street extension originally scheduled as ’s No. 1 Post-War Project, is no further along with the State Public Works Dept, then it was two years ago, according to a report submitted to the by the .

The design of the overpass bridge cannot be made until the new highway plans are completed, say the State officials; and the decision lane highway will be widened to as to whether the present four- in the center of the highway, has eight lanes with a ten-foot space not been made.

That the Nahatan street project is an important one for Norwood and has been repeatedly called to the attention of the State authorities, was stated by Smith in his report to the Selectmen this week.

The only alternative now. he said, seems to be to seek the assistance of the local representatives in the legislature is calling the attention of the State officials sharply to the desire to get underway with the work and insist on action in the very near future. He suggested that Rep., Charles F. be apprised of the situation immediately upon his return from Ohio where he is now vacationing.

of the Board gave their approval to this suggestion and urged that Mr, Holman be solicited to take the matter up at the earliest possible moment.

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