This Day in Norwood History-October 9, 1946-Local Wing Scouts First In U. S. To Have Dual Instruction

NORWOOD SENIOR WING SCOUTS PILOT GROUP—Kneeling (left to right): Eleanor Novick, Madeline Hyland, Mary Riley, Louise Reardon. Standing (left to right) : Beverly Bowen, Marie Lynch, Barbara Cushing, Marilyn Webster, Helen Donavan and Joan Dwane. Patricia Lynch was not present when picture was taken. All girls have flying time.
—Kneeling (left to right): , , , . Standing (left to right) : , , , , and . was not present when picture was taken. All girls have flying time. (Surette Photo)

In the year and a half since Wing Scouting was introduced here as an activity for older girls. ’s Senior Wings have established an enviable reputation for themselves.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Emerson Thomas, herself a pilot, the girls received preliminary instructions in the fundamental of flying. With the beginning of the new term last fall, an innovation in Scouting, a ground course was inaugurated. Instruction by , Base Manager of , Inc., and C. A. A. Instructor, eleven girls began the study of Navigation, Meter- ology. Aeronautics, and C.A.A. Regulations and were awarded certificates in June by the Wiggins School of Aviation. Included in this group were the following: Eleanor Novick, , Louise Reardon, Barbara . Marie Lynch and Beverly Bowen.

When Mr. William Piper of the Piper Aircraft Corporation presented a Cub plane to the of America, Norwood’s girls, as the most advanced of all troops, won the distinction of being the first group to receive permission to have dual instruction in the new plane. With Mr. , , , Miss , and as instructors, the girls took flying lessons during the spring term.

Now enrolled in advanced courses, these girls are planning to continue also, their flight instruction and to secure their pilot rating.

The development of Wing Scouting as a program project for teenage girl has met with instant appeal throughout the United States. However, largely through, the foresight and effort of Mrs. Phyllis Jordon, director of Wing Scouting in New England this section of the country has outdistanced all others in the progress made by its Wing groups. Since both the ground school course and dual flight instruction are given without cost to the Girl Scout Wing Scouting provides a golden opportunity for teenagers interested in aviation.

Norwood has three such groups: the ninth graders or beginners; the Junior Wings, about to take the Ground School Course; and the Senior Wings, or advanced students.

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