This Day in Norwood History-October 12


St Catherine’s Total Abstinence and Literary Society of Norwood Celebrates With Dance

12 Oct 1910, Wed The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD. Oct 11 The 18th anniversary of St Catherine’s total abstinence and literary society was observed by a concert and ball this evening In the village hall. There was a large attendance. The reception committee Included James Bunney, M. Drummey, John R. Parker, Daniel Slattery, Daniel Callahan, John E. Folan, James Pendergast and John Murray. After a concert, a dance order was carried out. Cornelius M. Colbert was floor director, C. M. Callahan and M. F. Lydon assistants, and Joseph Roache, Charles J. King, Leo O’Brien, John Tobin, Thomas A. Rorke, William Welch, Michael A. Lydon and John Reardon aids.

The arrangements committee included Martin F. Lydon chairman, C. M. Callahan, Leo O’Brien, James Falconer, William Welch, John Reardon, John Tobin, William Bell, Matthew Costello and Cornelius Colbert. St Catherine’s total abstinence and literary society was organized in October, 1893. The officers are Cornelius Colbert pres. Martin F. Lydon vice pres, Cornelius M. Callahan fin sec, Joseph Roache rec sec, Rev Thomas J. MacCormack treas.

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