This Day in Norwood History-October 11


Voters Vindicate Kendrick

Special Dispatch to the Globe

NORWOOD, Oct. 11 — This town’s residents celebrated as never before late tonight when it was announced that three members of the had lost today’s election over their dismissal of . It was the first recall election in the history of the Commonwealth.

Elected Selectmen in Norwood


A special meeting of the new Board of Selectmen, consisting of the three elected today and also and , who had supported Kendrick in the controversy over his discharge, will be held tomorrow morning for the purpose of organizing, it was announced.

WILLIAM C. KENDRICK Ousted town manager vindicated by vote

Kendrick Hearing Pending

Attorney Samuel P. Sears, counsel for Kendrick, announced he would still seek a hearing for his client on the charges preferred by the three former Selectmen, in order “to vindicate him completely.” Kendrick is now under suspension as town manager because of the action of the old board.

That the recall election—and its result—had aroused the greatest interest over here was evidenced tonight not only by the torchlight procession, but also by numerous i allies and displays of fireworks. The entire town, it seemed, had sat up for the results.

The three successful candidates composed a “citizens’ committee” slate put forward as part of the recall campaign when the controversy over Town Manager Kendrick reached stormy dimensions. Kendrick was suspended from his $5100-a-year job on Sept. 22 by a vote of three to two by the Board of Selectmen.

Kendrick petitioned the board for a public hearing, as guaranteed him in the town charter, and on Sept. 28 the board voted to give him such a hearing at a “reasonable time.” The hearing, however, has never been held.

The charges against Kendrick consisted principally of his failing io cooperate with other town departments, failing to perform his duties disinterestedly and competently, and refusing to permit Selectmen to examine records in his custody. Failing to get a hearing. Kendrick presented his case last Friday at a public meeting at the Junior High School hall

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