This busy scene was photographed at Stevens’ Delicatessen, 651 Washington Street, Norwood. That’s Charles M. Stevens, owner, in the middle distance, handing change to a customer who dodged out of camera range just before the picture was made. Gourmets will find at this unusual shop, rare foods and delicacies galore — from “Gjetost,” Norwegian goaf cheese, to home-made cole slaw and potato salad. (Photo by Warren Eriksen)

If you’re a lover of good food— the kind of person who savors the subtle aroma and taste of exotic cheeses, spicy meats and other unusual delicacies, you’re really missing out on something good if you haveñ’t visited Stevens’ Delicatessen, 651 Washington Street, Norwood.

Owned and operated for the past 5 years by Charles M. Stevens, the place is well-stocked with hundreds of delicious items to tickle your palate.

For example, a glance around the store reveals a variety of cold cuts, and different cheeses including Norwegian goat cheese, “Gjetost,” Limburger, Neufchatel, pimento, cottage and Swiss,; homemade cole slaw, potato salad, chop suey, anchovy paste French dressing pepper relish, chicken pies, and hundreds of other imported and domestic items. There’s also thick sour cream, which has dozens of uses, cooking sherry, and besides all this, a full line of groceries and canned goods,

Stevens’ also takes orders for cakes for all occasions.

But you’ll have to see for yourself I Visit this quality food shop now. . . . you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover how economically you can shop here— regularly!