This Day In Norwood History-November 2

New Eight-Room Schoolhouse, to Cost $38,000 Ordered

NORWOOD, Nov 2—At the special town meeting last night, interest centered on the location for new fire station. The site selected by a majority of the town committee on Washington st, in the more crowded business section of the town and to the close vicinity of Catholic and Universalist churches, proved unpopular with several of the fire engineers and with the mass of the voters. An amendment to purchase land on Market st, a less crowded thoroughfare, prevailed, and land will he purchased there at a probable cost of about $4000.

The town voted by a large majority to erect a new brick or concrete construction schoolhouse in the westerly section of town, at a cost of $38,000. It will be an eight-room school building and will be located on land to be taken by the town on Chapel st and Winslow av, at a cost of $3500. This will be the most costly school building the town has yet erected.

The town voted to expend $300 in street improvements and $325 for the extension of water mains. Clifford B. Sanborn was chosen moderator.

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