This Day In Norwood History-May 19



Planning Board Has Done Excellent Work

NORWOOD, May 19—The marked improvement in the physical appearance of the town of Norwood, since the establishment of a Planning Board, here, as well as the pride and interest which its townspeople have in the civic welfare of the community, is emphasized in the elaborate report of the Norwood Planning Board for 1923, which has just been published.

Norwood was the second town in this State to establish such an organization. This year’s report represents the work of the Planning Board for the last 11 years, and, as the chairman, George F. Willett, states, it is the fruit, not only of much thought on the part of local men who are interested in the town’s appearance, but of experts whose services have been employed as consultants.

The report of the town planner Arthur A. Shurtleff, which is contained in the report of the Boards says that the results of all planning for the town are the outcome of the best ideas which have been evolved from all sources, through painstaking conferences.

The members of the Town Planning Board, in addition to Chairman Willett are Frank B. Coughlin, secretary; William G. Upham, J. Conrad Johnson and John E. Folan.

The new report is beautifully gotten up, with many attractive photographs of Norwood’s principal streets and public buildings and maps showing the general town plan, improvements which have already been made and improvements which are in prospect.

(The Boston Globe-May 19, 1923)

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