First Of 3 Divisions Of Press Sold

The Norwood Industrial Development Committee announced today the purchase by Control Engineering Corporation of one of the Norwood Press buildings formerly known as the C. B. Fleming Company Bindery.

This Spotlights the diversification program underway in Control Engineering Corporation. To solidify it’s position in the rapidly expanding control instrument business the Corporation is now manufacturing a new line of Industrial type control instruments for the process industries. During the past six years the Corporation has specialized in the design and manufacture of precision Instruments and control systems.

To Make “Norwood Controls”

William A. Jones, President of Control Engineering Corporation has announced the appointment of D R. G. Williams as manager of the newly formed Controls Division. The new plant will be occupied by the Controls Division which will specialize in the manufacture of the industrial type instruments to be marketed under the trade name “Norwood Controls”.

Mr. Williams has previously been with the Arma Corporation of Garden City. New York: Bohr Manning Corporation of Troy, New York; and the Foxboro Company of Foxboro, Mass.

Today’s announcement was the first definite word regarding the part that the famous old Norwood Press will play in the future industrial life of the community. Once a thriving industry that produced volumes that carried the name of Norwood all over the world, the three divisions of the Norwood Press have been idle for some time. The Fleming Bindery and the Berwick & Smith units, which were under the same management, were the first to close about two years, ago. Machinery which had given employment to hundreds of Norwood craftsmen was auctioned off, and the buildings have remained unused save for dead storage. The J.S Cushing Co. was the last of the units to cease operations.

Indications arc that the two remaining units of the Press — the Berwick & Smith and J.S Cushing plants may attract a buyer or buyers in the near future. It is reported that substantial inquiries have been received of late.

Control Engineering, which came to Norwood from Canton and now occupies the modern plant on Route 1 at the Norwood Airport entrance, has acquired some 51,000 square feet in the outright purchase of the former Horning bindery. The Fleming plant is the three story structure at the southerly end of the Press and is the largest of the three units.

.lust when Control Engineering will begin operations there or how many will be employed at the company’s new plant could not be determined today. It is understood that in connection with the operation of this plant the company may have use for the town-owned land adjacent now used for the storage of utility poles, in which event the Town Meeting would be asked for permission to sell this land.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)