This Day In Norwood History-March 7

The 1872 Act to incorporate the new town of Norwood.

Thu, Mar 7, 1872 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

The New Town. — Under this name a new town has been established by authority of the Legislature, including within its territory the old parish of South Dedham and a small slice from the town of Walpole. This has been brought about by the substantially unanimous action of the residents of the territory, in regard to which they have met with little or no opposition from the citizens of Dedham proper.

The scheme has been in agitation since last Spring or early in the Summer and was prompted in part by the failure of the South Dedham people to get adequate high school accommodations. The children of that locality attending the Dedham High School have been compelled to go some four miles to get the advantage of the tuition there bestowed. Efforts were made to induce the town to establish a High School at South Dedham, which were defeated. Other considerations contributed to the general dissatisfaction on both sides and the result has been the establishment of an independent municipality.

The easterly boundary of the new town Intersects the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad at Ellis Station, and near its crossing of the old Providence turnpike; the northerly boundary is the town line of Dedham, as now defined; westerly the new town is bounded by Bubbling Brook and the town line of Walpole as now established; the southerly line being the Neponset river. The new town is thus nearly square in its shape, with the village and depot heretofore known as South Dedham nearly in the centre.

Last evening was set apart for a celebration in honor of the event of the incorporation of the town, and it was expected that His Excellency Gov. Washbum and other distinguished gentlemen would be present. We are disappointed in receiving a report of the proceedings of the evening by reason of mishaps to the trains on the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad, the particulars of which will be found under the appropriate head.

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