NORWOOD, March 27 — Norwood citizens, in an 80-minute town meeting tonight at the State Armory at which not one dissenting vote was cast, passed an annual budget of $1,546,747.19. Appropriations included funds for a two-way police radio.

The meeting voted to raze the 50-year-old Beacon School and to accept a gift from W. Cameron Forbes of land at Upland road and Prospect st. for park purposes.

Appropriations included schools. $310 -038; electric light department. $278,274; bonds and notes. $155,000; welfare. $65,175; police, $60,358; Fire Department. $54,889; Water Department. $39,155 soldiers relief. $32,000; highway maintenance. $31,900; old-age assistance. $27,700; snow and ice removal. $25,000; aid for dependent children. $22,000; Morrill Memorial Library. $20,860. and contributory retirement board. $20,301.

Fri, Mar 28, 1941 –The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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