This Day In Norwood History-June 6

DR .

Prominent Resident of Found Dead Sitting in a Chair In His Office.

NORWOOD. June 6—Dr Francis M. Cragin was found dead sitting in his chair in his office this morning. He had been ill for several days, but was able to be around. Last night on retiring he complained of not feeling well, but refused to have a physician. This morning his housekeeper. , went into his office, which is at his residence. and found him sitting in his chair, fully dressed, dead. Examiner Hodgdon of pronounced due to natural causes, probably heart trouble.

was 78 years of age and was the oldest practicing physician in Norwood, and probably in Norfolk county. He had resided in Norwood over 40 years. He leaves one sister. of Greenfield. N H.

He was born in New Hampshire, and formerly practiced in Keene. He visited Fitzwiliam. N H. and that vicinity every summer. His first wife was the daughter of of Norwood. She died several years ago. He married again, but was separated from a second wife, and lived alone with a housekeeper for a number of years. He was a member of .. of Norwood.

Dr Cragin lived in a large house next to the public , surrounded by beautiful elm trees. He owned considerable real . He continued in active practice of his profession up to his death.

Tue, Jun 6, 1911 – 6 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

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