This Day In Norwood History-June 4 Part 2

Round Trip of 7,200 Miles by Taxi Planned by Spinster and Friends

Norwood. Mass (U.P) A year ago Miss Emily Curtis Fisher chartered a taxicab for a 2.000-mile round trip to Chicago.

The wealthy spinsteer who never has owned an automobile, doesn’t want one and dislikes trains and buses, decided there and then that at last she found a convenient way to satisfy her wanderlust.

So next Monday Miss Fisher, now 76, will embark upon possibly the longest taxi ride in history to Mexico City and return, a total distance of some 7,000 miles. With her will go five woman friends, some younger, some older than herself And at the wheel will he driver Fred Schaier of Jack’s Taxi Service, who will find the trip a welcome relief from his workaday business of shuttling commuters between Norwood depot and their homes.

“We plan to make the journey in easy stages.” said Miss Fisher. Some days we will ride only 200 miles, stopping to see points of interest along the way. On other days we plan to ride about 450 miles.

Jack’s Taxi Service ordinarily charges 20 cents per mile, which would bring the total cost to $1,400. But Miss Fisher said an “arrangement” had been made as to price.

’’The trip will be on a co-operative basis”, he said, ” with all of us sharing the cost.”

Sun, Jun 6, 1937 – Page 11 · Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York) · Newspapers.com

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