This Day In Norwood History-June 25


Police Department of Norwood Moves Into Commodious Rooms on Market St.

NORWOOD. June 25, 1913—The Police Department of Norwood moved into new headquarters yesterday, leaving the old headquarters which have been occupied as such since the Police Department was organized in 1896, and which the department had long since outgrown.

The new headquarters are in the new Central Fire Station on Market st and are convenient and roomy. They are on the second story in the front of the station. At the front is a large reception room, divided by a counter from the chief s office and desk. There are doors arranged so that the two sections can be entered separately. In the rear of this is a guard room, where there are lockers and other conveniences tor the officers. The whole is attractively finished, and makes a convenient and desirable place for the department.

Almost across the street is the lockup, which is to be enlarged and more cells put in.

When the department was organized in 1896. there was a chief of police, the late Warren E. Rhoads, and one patrolman, the late Michael D. Creed. Now there is a chief of police and eight uniformed police officers, four regular patrolmen and four special officers.

Chief of Police James W. Lavers was appointed to the office July 3, 1909. being then a patrolman at Hyde Park, and took charge July 15. His salary has been substantially increased since then and last year the chiefs office was placed under Civil Service rules by vote of the town.

The regular patrolmen were appointed as follows: Walter A. Readel, March 16, 1907; William Barrett, July 31, 1911; J. Irving Reid. Sept 11, 1911; Cornelius C. Murphy, May 27. 1912. The special police officers are John Hogan, James H. Corbett, John J. Linnehan and Dennis Hayes.

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