Works Hard in Tannery, but is Hale and Hearty

Lawrence Kuld has been for 50 years employed In the Norwood institution off Walpole St. known as the “Winslow tannery.” now controlled by the Winslow Bros & Smith company. He was born in Baden, Ger, and is nearly 75 years old.

He came to America In May, 1852 and soon after this time came to Norwood and entered the tannery then conducted by Lyman Smith and George Winslow, both long deceased. He has been connected with the tannery ever since.

For 15 years he was foreman of the beam house, and Is still connected with that department of the work, generally considered one of the hardest, and perhaps the unhealthiest, branch of the tanning industry. He is still a beamster. employed in preparing skins for the tanroom.

Mr Kuld has outlived his wife by 20. years, but three daughters and one son survive, as well as 19 grandchildren.

Mr Kuld is a hale and hearty old man. He is beloved by a large circle of friends and has the respect and esteem of his employers and fellow employees.