This Day In Norwood History- July 8

Norwood votes $180,000 civic center move

The Norwood Town Meeting voted 84-48 last night to appropriate $180,000 to move the Norwood Civic Center to the site of the old Aaron Guild School on Washington street across from the civic center s present location. The center was sold to the Norwood Hospital, Its neighbor, on April 10 for $2,075,000.

The meeting also voted to build a 25-meter swimming pool, a basketball court, a senior citizens drop-in center, an auxiliary gymnasium, a social hall, a game room, a dark room, a club room, four lighted tennis courts, a tennis bang board, a photography dark room and recreation department offices in the old school.

Tue, Jul 8, 1980 – 14 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

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