Bond Street Playground

Norwood parents last night were guests of the playground committee at the annual Parents’ Night at the five playgrounds of the town, located at the Shattuck School, Balch School, Elks Park, Pleasant Park, and Bond St.

More than 800 children participated in the special programs, which had been prepared for the occasion under the supervision of the playground directors for the purpose of giving the audience an idea of the work and recreational advantages enjoyed by children attending the Summer playgrounds.

All exercises opened with the salute to the flag, and were followed by different programs at each park. Folk dancing, exhibitions of handicraft work, short sketches In which the younger children took part, games and athletic teats were featured.

In the six years that the playgrounds have been conducted in Norwood they have met with increasing interest and popularity. From the two playgrounds which were opened at the Shattuck and Balch Schools in 1924 the organisation now extends to five parks, serving ail sections of the town. The amount spent in supervised recreation for Norwood children now amounts to $4000. as compared with $500 provided in 1924.

The committee in charge is Mrs Hugo B. C. Riemer, chairman; Miss Maude Shattuck, Selectmen Thomas R. Mulvehill. Philip Riley, Dr. Frederick E.. Cleveland and Miss Josephine Cogan, the playground supervisor.

Wed, Jul 31, 1929 – 3 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)