This Day In Norwood History- July 24, 1897-Cycling Record Attempt

Taylor of Norwood Will Attempt to Lower the 200-Mile Record—Ingenious Timing Device.

Warren F. Taylor of Norwood will make an attempt to lower the 200-mile state record during the next full moon. His course will be from Norwood to Canton, Stoughton. Taunton, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Wrentham and return. By the way, numerous attempts have been made during the past few weeks to lower the 200-mile record of 17h 28m 30s, made by F. C. Graves on Oct 31, 1893. That record still stands, and the man who lowers it will realize that he has been in something more than a club run.

An ingenious contrivance has been invented to record not only the finishes, but the exact time of the contestants in bicycle races. The machine is operated by a series of wires under a rubber band, one-eighth of an inch thick and two inches wide, which covers the finish, or tape line. These wires are carried to a recording table in the judges’ stand. A touch of a wheel on the rubber band registers each contestant in the order of their finish. It is said that by the use of this contrivance dead heats are rendered impossible.

Jordan Marsh Bicycle Advertisement, May 2, 1897 Boston Globe
Jordan Marsh Advertisement, March 31, 1897 Boston Globe
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