Norwood Policeman Caught Two Single handed— Alleged Companions Arrested After Flight to Boston

Large Quantities of Tires, Tubes And Accessories Had Been Taken.

Chief of Police Jarmes W. Lavers and patrolman Cornelius C. Murphy of Norwood had a lively time early today with four men whom they charge with looting a garage on Washington st, in that town, owned by George Zepper, and then giving them a chase to Boston. Two of the men were captured after a strenuous tussel at the door of the garage in Norwood, and the other two were arrested in Boston early this morning.

About 3:30 this morning, policeman Murphy was patrolling his route on Washington st, Norwood, when he saw an automobile standing by the roadside. When the driver saw patrolman Murphy he showed signs of being very nervous. Murphy looked about and saw three young men standing near the garage on Washington st. They were signaling to the driver of the automobile to start his car and come over to where they were standing.

Patrolman Murphy ran to where the three men were standing and grappled with them. They put up a stubborn resistance and gave him the fight of his life. But Murphy is a fighting man, and he managed to overpower and put the Irons on two of the young men. The third one started on the run and soon joined the man in the automobile. They drove away at top speed, going in the direction of Boston. Patrolman Read came along and joined in the chase with several civilians after the speeding automobile, which soon was lost to sight.

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Patrolman Hayes, attracted to the scene by the noise, came along, and patrolman Murphy turned his prisoners over to him, and they were taken to the lockup and held pending investigation. Murphy, going back to the garage in Washington st, discovered that it had been broken into, and a large quantity of automobile tires, inner tubes and costly accessories had been carried out into the street and piled up in preparation for being taken away.

The two young men arrested by patrolman Murphy gave the names of William McGlynn of 15 Chadwick st, Roxbury, and David Pearl of 12 Laconia st, South End. They are being held, charged with breaking and entering and larceny. Chief Lavers was called out by patrolman Murphy, and at once telephoned to the police of all the towns between Norwood and Boston, and also asked Boston Police Headquarters to be on the watch for the two men w’ho escaped. They had a description of the automobile and the men, which was some help to the Boston police.

Patrolmen of the East Dedham-st Station were sent out by Lieut Munroe to watch for the returning automobile. The policemen waited at a garage near Springfield st. and about 5 this morning a man came in with a car and put it up. He and the automobile answered the description furnished by the Norwood police, and the chauffeur was arrested. He gave his name as Felix O’Brien of 116 West Springfield st. The other man, O’Brien told the policemen, had gone to his home in Roxbury. Chief Lavers and patrolman Murphy of Norwood came to Boston in an automobile early this morning and they took O’Brien with them, with police of the East Dedham-st Station, and went to Roxbury, where they arrested Michael J. Donnelly and hurried with him to the court at Dedham.

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The Norwood policemen, much elated over their capture, were inclined to be noncommittal this morning, though they did say that O’Brien is known to them. They said that he was in Norwood a week ago and that he then called at the garage which was entered by burglars early today, and purchased some inner tubes and made some Inquiries about exchanging speedometers with the proprietor. The police declare that it is their opinion he made that visit so that he might familiarize himself with the garage.

The men will be given a hearing in the Dedham Court today. The prisoners were held in bonds of $500 each until Friday.

21 Jul 1913, Mon The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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