This Day In Norwood History-February 28


Three Norwood Boys Home After Night in Pup Tent

The boys spent the night in a tent similar to this one.

Thu, Feb 28, 1935 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, Feb 27 — Their spirit of adventure dampened by a night of exposure in a pup tent on the meadows three miles from town, three schoolboys who dropped out of sight after school on Tuesday returned home this afternoon, eager for a warm meal and a warmer fire.

The boys, Thomas Foley, 15; Simeon Cormeio, 12, and Martin King, 10, camped out through the storm Tuesday night, spending a long and weary night over a small fire. They took blankets and food with them, but the storm and the drop in temperature soon took the test out of their vigorous attempt to escape from the folds of civilization.

At 3 this afternoon, when they returned, the police were organizing the most extensive search ever planned in this town, in the belief that the boys had met with foul play.

When they got home their mothers promptly put them in bed — and they were eager to get there. During the morning they took turns huddling over their campfire and setting traps for rabbits. Their food became exhausted with the noon meal, and the youngest boy, Martin, decided that he had had enough of getting back to nature. His pleas decided the other two upon a return to the haunts of man. It might snow again — and besides, they were getting mighty hungry.

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