This Day In Norwood History-February 22

Boch Ramber’s Policy: Your Price Is Our Price

Norwood Dealer Eyes New U.S. Sales Record

From a humble beginning in 1938 as a repair shop, Boch Rambler in Norwood has grown to be the largest Rambler retailer in the nation.

The firm’s excellent sales records have often been nationally recognized. It retained the President’s Club Award for outstanding sales records for the period October, 1956, through October, 1957.

It has also been first or socnnd award national M’innar in tne American Motors’ major sales contests in the past two years.

With a hard-to-match success story behind them, Boch’s hard-hitting sales force intend to shatter its sales record in 1959.


Young Ernest Boch, general manager, sees in the company’s tremendous growth proof “that if you have something better to sell and offer it at a lower price, people will flock miles around to do business with you.”

During the Washington’s Birthday open house, the 31-year-old general manager says, “we will do our utmost to make your price our price.

“We won’t refuse any reasonable offer; in fact, if I told you the number of cars we expect to sell, you wouldn’t believe it, but you can believe this— no car is a better buy than Rambler and no one can beat our deal here in Norwood.”

Boch estimates that “if all the Ramblers sold by the firm were lined up bumper to bumper, they would take on the proportions of a gigantic Fourth of July parade, a presidential inauguration and the first Summer exodus to the beaches, all rolled into one.”

Boch has been assuming increasing responsibility in running the company, presided over by his father, Andrew, since he returned from World War II.

The bargains that Boch specializes in are possible because of low overhead combined with the highest volume in the country, a combination that means dollar savings to each purchaser.

Boch has 200 new cars on hand and upwards of 225 used cars. All its new and used cars are ready for immediate delivery.

The selection of used cars on the lots are thoroughly reconditioned and carefully checked by Boch’s top mechanics and guaranteed to be A-l. The variety of makes and models is almost without limit and Boch promises to match any customer’s needs with his budget while supplying him with a first-rate buy.

story is a basic philosophy the company follows to the letter, that of fair dealing and giving the customer every conceivable advantage, including many extras for his money.

“Service and sensational deals are our strong points,” Ernie Boch explains. “We have excellent cars to sell and specialize in friendly, competent service. Our service Department is the most efficient in New England, maintaining a variety of service facilities including fully equipped body, parts and paint shops.”

Currently, Boch is undergoing a big expansion program. A new paint shop is already 75 percent finished and the main building is being extended for new car delivery servicing.

The Staff Behind Boch’s success

The firm already functions behind a 500-foot frontage on Rte. 1. It also has a mammoth parts stock, facilities for reconditioning used cars and a custom work shop.

In addition to the salesmen’s offices and large showrooms, Boch has a used car lot with its own offices and also maintains a car leasing service.

After Boch completes a sale, the car gets a minute inspection in the scientifically-outfitted service department, headed by Richard Boch, and a car wash before it is put on the road.

Boch’s staff includes Henry Scanzio as sales manager, Thomas Iervolino, used car manager, and Everett Mailloux in charge of lease and fleet sales.

Boch’s advertising sign —a welcome beacon to nighttime travelers — is illuminated by more than 1000 bulbs.

MEET BOCH RAMBLER’S SUPER SALESMEN—From left, Murray Schwartz, Harry Patkin, Jack Daniels, James McGee, Norman Kelsey, Frank Demeo and John Balerna.

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